PIP the Ostrich

"A beautiful friendship between a young ostrich and a little girl"

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In the charming story of Emily’s beautiful friendship with her pet ostrich, Pip, she takes the reader through their adventures at home and school, at the zoo, at the movie theater and beyond!

There seems no place too far off the beaten path to bring her friend Pip (not even Hawaii!).

Emily’s love for Pip and animals in general takes readers on a heartwarming and fun-filled journey. It will be impossible to read without smiling.

Dave Pedersen
I think the book is spectacular. Also, I enjoyed the time we spend reading it to our kids.
Samuel Maier
I love the book too. Emily Shahin is lucky and I hope soon she will have even more pets!
Marc Kreiner
I Love it!! Can't wait to see more stories by Emily and her friends.
About the Author
Emily Shanin is an imaginative fourth grader who adores animals. She graduated from Montessori Kindergarten Summa Cum Laude, and sang and danced in the spring play. She is tearing through elementary school and earned a certificate for perfect attendance. She has a puppy named Lulu, nine pet chickens, and tropical fish. Watching Pip the Ostrich hatch and grow brought the family even closer.